Kevin Sabo, a new star of painting and queer transformative performance

New York-based Kates-Ferri Projects will have a dedicated booth at Chelsea Industrial, part of the New York Art Week, for Kevin Sabo (31), a rising art-world star known for his surrealist paintings depicting his queer experience. Răzvan Ion visited the fair and comments on the impressive evolution in Sabo’s work.

“Screeeech!” 20×16 inches. Acrylic, Pencil on Canvas. 2023. Courtesy of the artist.

The characters within Kevin Sabo’s vast collection of works have a singular aura that is both unconventional and bold, simultaneously fearsome and intimidating yet tender and approachable Sabo’s signature style, an ethereal fusion of vibrant hues and intricate textures, manifests as an eccentric and provocative subculture of pop art. Each piece invites viewers to delve into a surreal realm of both playful and edgy motifs, imbued with an unmistakable sense of audacity and mystique.

In an era where pop culture dominates the zeitgeist, Kevin Sabo has carved out a unique niche as a self-proclaimed enthusiast for gay pop culture. With an unwavering passion for the subject, Sabo unabashedly admits to being a “fanatic” consumed by his addiction to the genre.

Sabo concedes that his deep knowledge of gay pop culture does not necessarily contribute to his intellectual acuity. Nevertheless, he remains undeterred in his obsession, convinced that his fascination with the subject serves a greater purpose.


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