JORDANLUCA’s FW22 Jeans Campaign Draws From Michelangelo’s Statues

Otherworldly 3D art meets queer representation, historical references and human’s connection to nature.
Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto’s eponymous London-based label JORDANLUCA has placed itself at the crossroad of queer representation, historical references and luxury fashion, and now this trio comes together in the brand’s Fall/Winter 2022 jeans campaign.

With 3D artwork courtesy of Loyd Lye, JORDANLUCA looks to Michelangelo’s David, Pieta, and Winged Victory to create a campaign that explores the complex times we live in, examining one’s connection to nature and human spirit. Unveiling the campaign on Instagram, the brand asks:

“History is not recorded in statues as some might have you believe. History is recorded in books. ⁠Statues and monuments are a reflection of the values a society or a city hold dear, they are a celebration of an ideal or they commemorate a historical moment or figure. ⁠ Statues have been in the public discourse for the last decade. Some were toppled, others have stopped being relevant.⁠ What is beauty? What is victory? What is brotherly love? Who gets to embody those qualities in our monuments?⁠”

For the campaign, David is depicted as part man, part amphibian. The combination alludes to the need for us to care for nature. The Pieta is turned into a symbol of brotherly love, while Winged Victory is seen curving and moving forward, just as we should in life.

Throughout the historical references are frequent appearances from JORDANLUCA’s collection denim, including the Serpentine Jeans that sport an extended distressed leg at the rear and a cut-out on the front that holds a jeweled brooch in place. Not seen are items like the Union Jack jeans or the heavily distressed and bleached pair, both of which are available online.

Check out the campaign above and find more on JORDANLUCA’s website.


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