ISSHEHUNGRY – The Distorted Drag Queen

Isshehungry is at the head of the alternative drag scene in Berlin. Using her experience from studying fashion design and interning with Vivienne Westwood, Hungry created her own reality, using her body as a canvas.

Instagram @isshehungry

She started doing drag in 2014 when two of her best friends dragged her out: “The first time I was in drag, I did not do it myself either. A friend of mine did it on me, it was a very light face, but it still changed it so much. That was the first time I actually realised how much I could do with my face because I never saw it as a canvas in that sense. I was probably around 21. Then I started trying things out myself. I just got make-up from friends, discarded make-up. I was playing around and started doing drag. But it was very much a hobby. It was not really anything I took seriously at that point.” she said in an interview for Dazed Digital. Her appeal lies in her sickening, avant-garde concepts and creations. Unlike other drag performers, Hungry has a whole repertoire of characters at her disposal.

Where her inspiration comes from? “It differs. It is still coming from the fashion aspect of things. I sometimes just see a fabric, and I am already making it up in my mind, being like: okay, I can make this look, I can make this character” says in an interview for

She has amassed a large following on social media of people who are captivated by her dramatic and otherworldly creations, at this moment having over 487K follower.

Her skills were used for the rollout and album cover of Bjork’s ninth studio album, Utopia.

Instagram @isshehungry

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Instagram: @isshehungry


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