Interview with Łukasz, creator of the comic book “Power Bear”

Łukasz Majcher was born in Poland (city Bydgoszcz) and moved to Berlin in 2015. Power Bear is his first full comic and it was received very positively. 

Łukasz Majcher

Gay45: Tell us about the inspiration behind your comic book.

Łukasz Majcher: I can say with full conviction that Power Bear is a mixture of all the inspirations that have so far sat in my head and waited for a good opportunity to finally mix and show the world. I am inspired by many things. When I create my comics, I always have full movie sequences in my head. I watch lots of science-fiction as well. My friends say I’m a good comedian, so my stories will always have a hint of absurd humour. There are also everyday experiences. The story of my partner who is struggling with depression was definitely a huge inspiration for me. In the future, I will also try to talk about my problems. Such opening up comes with great difficulty. It’s easier to write about others.

G45: “Power Bear” is not only about love and superpowers but also about Max’s mental health. Tell us more about that and why it was important for you to bring this issue to the comic?


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