International Fetish Day: “In the playroom I can clear my head”.

Photo: Lisi Specht

January 15 is International Fetish Day. For Lukas K. from Vienna, sexuality and fetish are important parts of his living and life. We visited him in his strict chamber.

“I’m lying here in my playroom. Most people say playroom to it, but I find the Germanization almost a bit more sympathetic. Yes, I play sexual games here, and preferably with friends and acquaintances: sex in all variations and fetishes, with bondage and role-playing. Of course, I can have good sex in any other room of my apartment, but this room is especially inspiring.

Wicked colours dominate black walls, black rubber floor, red light and of course a mirrored wall, which appeals to both my voyeuristic and exhibitionist streak. The room has 13 square meters but naturally seems a bit smaller due to the dark walls, although the visual compactness of this room is only a very minor detriment in use. There are enough reasons to be distracted by it.

Photo: Lisi Specht

I have a bed, which is actually from my former youth room and which I painted black, two slings, a fuck mattress, a shelf full of toys, including dildos, cock rings and ball stretchers, for example, a few hooks with masks, restraints and spanking tools, as well as steel crossbars screwed to the ceiling with rather large dowels – a commissioned work of the local blacksmith in my home community in Lower Austria. The leather sling is also handmade, in this case by my father, because he is, like everyone else in my family, not only extremely open and tolerant but also conveniently a master saddler by profession.

Anyway, using the various toys is a nice change of pace, and even sex buddies I’ve known for a while always discover something new to try. When friends ask me what I did over the weekend, I innocently reply, “I played.” In fact, I prefer to play on the weekends, when I have time and peace, sometimes, of course, the one or other time during the week, when I want to balance myself after a stressful day at work and clear my head again.

Photo: Lisi Specht

I live in the 15th district in Vienna, not far from Mariahilfer Strasse. I moved in in 2010. The apartment has 80 square meters and fortunately had an extra room, which I didn’t really have a use for at the beginning. Do I really need a closet space or a stuffy study? So I came up with the idea of setting up a playroom for myself. Sex has many functions for me: It’s letting go, compensation, borderline experience, getting in touch, having fun, enjoying, just feeling yourself.

I am a manager and therefore an incredible head person. I can’t afford to let go of my job and lose fairness, friendliness and control. After all, I’m responsible for about 150 people. Entering my playroom is like entering another world and makes it easy for me to finally let go. Another outlet where I can really let go is when I sit down at the piano in the living room and play and sing.

I find that we live in a pretty uptight society, and of all the essential components of human life, sexuality is certainly one of those facets that we prefer to keep quiet. What a pity! It would be nice if more people didn’t care who goes to bed with whom or who lets themselves be beaten up by whom.

Yes, I am a promiscuous person, and with this living conversation, I want to contribute to breaking down our social taboo a little. I still have the energy to do so. Who knows, maybe when I’m 70 I’ll fall in love with a boring conservative and then dream of taking a cruise to Honolulu.”

Lukas K., 38 years old, grew up in Lower Austria. He studied music, psychology and education in Vienna. He is a manager of a company in the health and social sector and leads several teams with a total of 150 employees. On January 15, the International Fetish Day will take place, with which the community wants to promote more openness and sensitivity in society.

Article written by Wojciech Czaja. The article was published in Der Standard, Austria.

This article was translated from the German language with AI translator DeepL.


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