Imogen-Blue Hinojosa: about Art, Trans Rights and Sex Work

American artist Imogen-Blue Hinojosa talks about art, sex work, trans rights and new exhibition “I Am Not For Loving Anymore” at Hosek Contemporary in Berlin.

Still from “Liturgia” 2020. © Imogen-Blue Hinojosa

Hello Imogen, tell us a little about yourself, what should we know about you and your art practice?

Hello! My name is Imogen-Blue Hinojosa and I’m an artist working in lens-based media, textile, and performance. My practice is interested in the autoethnographic and uses personal experience and storytelling to create dialogues around performativity, trans rights and protections, and sex work.

Where do you find inspiration?

I think my main inspiration comes from my experiences, aside from that, cinema has always played a large role in the way I begin making. I love going to the theatre, and I see it as both work and play. The silver screen is the best place to find inspiration✨


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