Q&A with Photographer George Kanis 

George Kanis is a Greek visual artist based in Athens-Greece, originally born and raised on Chios Island. He is well known for his photographic work, although he also practices painting, video art, installations, etc. His nude portraits of people of the subculture scene of Athens and his experimental/abstract works are among his most known. He proudly explores questions of gender, class, and sometimes race, mostly in Greek society. Liviu Bulea interviewed George Kanis in January 2021.

Liviu Bulea: What first attracted you to photography?

George Kanis: My relationship with photography started when I was still in high school. I fell in love with this medium, I was already painting at the time and planning to go to a fine arts school. It was the whole concept of photography that made me fall in love with it, and still am to this day. I was shooting on film, I had to process it in the darkroom so it was like a ritual to me. Most people don’t appreciate photography as a fine art so that makes me want to try harder and prove them wrong. Do I succeed in that? Not sure. But I put a lot of effort and work into it, I may not have the perfect equipment or mediums, but I do have aesthetics and goals. We forget about the simple things and we try to pretend that we are something that we are not, or recreate successful images of the past, but that’s not me: I practice photography as I practice painting, I put the same love and effort into both of these mediums and I see them as equal.


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