Get Creepy and Crawly With Queer Halloween Songs Playlist

Listen to a collection of spooky tracks from Yves Tumor, SOPHIE, Mykki Blanco, and more.

Photos via Getty Images; photo-illustration by Them.

Halloween seems to start earlier and earlier every year, but we’re not complaining. From gag-worthy costumes to scary movies, October is our favorite month. Finding Halloween songs, though, is my most cherished autumn activity. I love to craft the kind of creepy soundtrack that pairs well with fake cobwebs and false lashes. Whether you’re looking to add some campy flair to a party or you just want to get in a creepy mood with some disturbing soundscapes, queer musicians have plenty of tracks you can blast well into the witching hours. Them staff writer James Factora and I curated this set of shiver-inducing tracks to mark the season.

Mykki Blanco and Canadian rapper Backxwash bring unnerving horror-hop moments to my little mixtape. Blanco’s “The Initiation” gives off Exorcist energy as the queer rapper menacingly chants in Latin over harsh beats, while “Black Magic”by Backxwash uses an eerie haunted piano to give us goosebumps. Also featured here are disturbing and otherworldly soundscapes from queer experimental artists. Throbbing Gristle’s “Hot on the Heels of Love” is an unsettling track that uses its sparseness to build unease, and Arca’s “Mutant,” is a rumbling, centerless composition that creates a dark beauty with sounds of destruction.

The late SOPHIE pushed the boundaries of production to become the most singular voices in modern electronic music. Her collaborative track with Jimmy Edgar, “METAL,” has an unnerving high-pitched whistle might make the dogs in your neighborhood howl with discomfort, but it will have you bobbing your head in sync to its heavy rhythms. And closing out this playlist is the queer power pop band New Jersey’s Teenage Halloween. Though they are not particularly spooky, their name alone earns them a spot here. Their track “Armageddon Now” will prove to be soothing balm after 21 more terrifying tracks.

For these songs and more, check spine-chilling 22 track playlists on Spotify or Apple Music.

[Note: Two songs are not available on Apple Music.]

Article by Juan Velasquez for Them.

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