Fiery Debate, Flawless Teamwork: A Look Inside the Podcast “GenClash: Queer Perspectives”

By Dominik Böhler

Usually, a new podcast is not big news. This one might be. After some research, “GenClash: Queer Perspectives on Current Affairs” surprisingly seems to be the only queer European podcast made by two people in different generations commenting on current affairs from news to fashion, entertainment to politics.

Joining a recording session can feel like intruding on a private conversation. This was certainly my initial fear when I logged on to watch the production of “GenClash: Queer Perspectives,” a new bimonthly podcast. Stepping into the virtual realm of the studio, I found myself a silent observer to a whirlwind of activity. There, on the screen, apparently unaware of my presence, I saw Emil Dragomirescu, the producer and audio engineer, issuing instructions to the show’s two hosts – Miruna Tiberiu and Răzvan Ion. The air crackled with passionate debate, not only between the hosts themselves but with the producer’s suggestions. “Will this work? Are we sure this is the best approach?”.

A wave of doubt washed over me. How could this fiery exchange possibly translate into a smooth, engaging podcast? But my worries were quickly dispelled. With a final countdown from Dragomirescu, the recording began. But, as if by some unseen cue, the clamour ceased, and the producer initiated the countdown. What ensued was a symphony of coordination, a masterclass in collaboration. The initial disagreement evaporated, replaced by a dynamic and informed discussion. Tiberiu, the Editor-in-Chief of GAY45, and Ion, a critical thinking professor, brought the fire of their differing generations to bear on the hottest topics in queer news.

“I have had such a blast working on the podcast with Emil and Raz!” said Tiberiu about the experience, “There’s something special about catching important queer news stories as they happen and discussing them and all the perspectives around them in moment.” “It was a mentally stimulating experience,” added Ion, “It pushed me to see things from a different perspective, and that’s exactly what the podcast is about: expanding knowledge.”

Their inaugural episode tackled a heady mix: draconian anti-LGBTQ legislation recently passed in Russia, Ghana, and Uganda, contrasted with the European Union’s more progressive stance on gay marriage. They also explored the potential impact of a gay Prime Minister and the uncertain future of Berlin’s iconic queer space, Tutenhaus. As the conversation flowed, peppered with wit and insightful analysis, I found myself scribbling down recommendations for films they mentioned.

The original soundtrack of the podcast is a surprise, being specially composed by a brilliant young composer and performer, GSBumps. I listened with pleasure to his pieces on Soundcloud.

“GenClash: Queer Perspectives” promises to be a must-listen for anyone interested in a lively and informed exploration of current affairs through a queer lens. With its dynamic duo of hosts and a skilled production team behind them, this podcast seems poised to ignite thought-provoking discussions.

“GenClash: Queer Perspectives on Current Affairs” is available for listening on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.


Dominik Böhler is the Chief Adviser of GAY45. PhD candidate, passionate about the transcendence of science in the philosophical stance that emphasizes the individual and social potential and agency of human beings. Works in Vienna and commutes to England at the University of Oxford where to continue the DPhil (doctoral) programme in Information, Communication, and the Social Sciences. Böhler does not have a social media presence.

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