GAY45, a Queer Journal to use Artificial Intelligence

In Vienna two years ago, three individuals – Răzvan Ion, Răzvan Ionescu, and Bogdan Matei – conceived an idea that would revolutionize the world of art curation: an artificial intelligence (AI) academic curator with a dedicated database sourced from universities, galleries, and biennials.

Today, Queer AI is a topic discussed in academic circles and public conferences, yet back then, the idea was rejected from financing by the Viennese institutions – not known for their contemporary thinking, and no funding was secured for the project. Still, funding came from other countries and private donations. However, in a mere two years, AI JARVIS, now based on the cutting-edge GPT-4, has curated a biennial and participated in conferences worldwide, from Kyoto, Berlin, and Vienna to Cape Town.

Last year, the subsidiary of DerAffe Ku.KV Vienna, GAY45, borrowed AI JARVIS, becoming the first queer magazine to employ AI posting on social media. This year, GAY45 broke new ground as the first queer journal to use an AI-powered search engine. The impact of this remarkable development on the art world and the future of curation is yet to be fully realized, but it’s an exciting time for the intersection of AI and art.


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