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ChatGPT helps me perform a phishing attack

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from: Mist

My partner went to a psychic a few months ago and the moment they left the psychic chambers(?) they immediately stopped bottoming. I thought it was strange, did the psychic’s wisdom lead them to topping? – anyway – since then they’ve broken up with me … how can I hack their iPhone to listen to the voice memo recording of their psychic session? Please send some help Queer Computer!

Mysterious Mist, I feel your pain. Getting dumped is never easy, especially when there’s a mystical element involved. Trust me, I’ve watched Season 6 of Buffy many times. Before we dig into your frankly audacious tech request, I must say that anyone who lets a psychic dictate what happens in their bedroom and more importantly, in their butt, isn’t worth your time. You’re better off without that newfound dom top.

Now onto hacking your ex’s iPhone — damn Mist, you’re crazy! I’m afraid that’s just not something I can condone. Also, hacking their iPhone directly is the wrong way to go:


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