Eugen Rădescu: A Polymath at the DJ Booth in Bucharest

Amidst the bustling streets of Bucharest, I make my way to a club known for its epic parties that defy gender norms and celebrate fluidity. What’s more, most places in Bucharest aren’t solely for the LGBTQ+ community, increasing the chances of meeting someone special.

The previous night, I ventured to the nearby Control Club, the city’s first gay-friendly club renowned for alternative live concerts. The crowd was different, consisting of chilled young millennials closer to my age. In contrast, Apollo111 attracts more teenagers and tweenagers. Control and Apollo111 are rendering traditional gay clubs less popular. Even I’ve met some fascinating people, including a very sweet Romanian.

I arrive at Apollo111, a club that is not defined by any particular label but is well-known for hosting queer parties. The most popular spot for the LGBT+ community, who flock here and to the nearby Control Club – on the same street – instead of traditional gay clubs. The entrance to Apollo111 is tucked in a gangway, but once I find it, I am greeted by a massive courtyard and a bustling terrace filled with people smoking, chatting, and even sharing passionate kisses.


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