Elliot Page Reveals Two Exciting New Ventures

Hollywood superstar Elliot Page has just added two exciting projects to his ever-growing list of achievements. The actor, director, and producer has been announced as the new face of Gucci’s fragrance ‘Guilty’ campaign, which is set to launch on March 1.

Page stars alongside rapper A$AP Rocky and Emmy award-winning actress Julia Garner in the campaign. A teaser image has already been released, featuring Page donning a casual Hawaiian shirt while giving a sultry stare to the camera.

Fans can grab their bottle of Gucci Guilty perfume from Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser, and Selfridges to smell as captivating as Page himself.

But that’s not all – the Umbrella Academy star has also announced the release of his much-anticipated memoir, Pageboy, on June 6, 2023. The book will explore his journey as a transgender person, a topic that Page is passionate about.

The book can be purchased with a pre-order on Amazon.com

In a statement, Page shared that writing a book has been on his mind for years but never felt possible until now. He believes that reading and sharing the experiences of transgender individuals is an essential step in the face of increasing anti-trans legislation and attacks on the LGBT+ community.

Page hopes that his memoir will help someone feel less alone and more seen, no matter who they are or what path they are on. “Books have helped me, saved me even,” he said. “So I hope this can help someone feel less alone, feel seen.”

Page has been an advocate for transgender rights and visibility since coming out in 2020, using his platform to raise awareness and support for the community. With his new book and role in Gucci’s campaign, Page is sure to make an even bigger impact on the world.

Article by Ciprian Ciobanu

Ciprian Ciobanu is a Gen Z Editor for GAY45 and an MA student at the University of Timisoara, majoring in painting but working in a mixed media field. Ciprian is currently in finishing his studies and working on the process of developing and reflecting on the relationship between art and the trends of a given time from music, fashion, popular stories, etc.




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