“Elite”: season 5 finally has a release date on Netflix

The hottest teens in Spanish drama are back soon. The appointment is made for this spring on Netflix.

The first day of school is in the spring at Las Encinas High School. Specifically this year, on April 8. That’s when season 5 of Elite will be released on Netflix.

In the grand tradition of previous seasons, Netflix reveals a sneak peek at the storylines of this new runway show with a concept video. The short teaser plunges us into a techno party atmosphere as some of the characters get closer. In this case, Iván (André Lamoglia), the son of a football star, could cause trouble between brother and sister Patrick and Ari. Or Isadora (Valentina Zenere), heiress of a nightclub chain, who is expected to come between Phillipe and Cayetana. Another new student does not appear in the video: Bilal (Adam Nourou), Omar’s new suitor after his separation from Ander.


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