Doja Cat in full cosmic delirium in the music video for “Get Into It (Yuh)”

Singer and rapper Doja Cat imagine herself as a “bad bitch” from outer space (literally) for the purposes of her latest video, in which we find her searching for her missing cat… kidnapped by belligerent aliens.

If there’s one artist who doesn’t disappoint in terms of funny and offbeat visuals, it’s Doja Cat. A fact reiterated with her latest clip for “Get Into It (Yuh)”, a heady single from her third album Planet Her released last June. Faithful to her very colourful universe, the 26-year-old singer takes her fans into space this time…

Success for the Planet Her album

Like a science-fiction heroine, Doja Cat takes the stage in futuristic outfits, at the controls of a spaceship with a very fuchsia look. She and her companions are actively searching for Starscream, her cat who has obviously been kidnapped by aliens that look like Klingons from the Star Trek universe. A rescue mission ensues in which Doja uses dance to distract her rivals and get her feline back.

The slick video for “Get Into It (Yuh)” – which is in many ways a tribute song to Nicki Minaj, a big influence on Doja Cat, whom she thanks in the outro – proves that Planet Her is unstoppable. More than six months after its release, the album continues to shine. So much so that this new video, published this Monday 31 January, has already accumulated more than 2 million views. Both critics and the public have praised the album as a success, and it has been nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album at the Grammys.

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