Documentary on Arte: Coming out on camera

Photo: Arte

Arte serves up touching insights into intimate moments with “Coming Out” on Monday.

Adam’s wish for a smile from his mother was acknowledged by her with a hug. The relief was great. And yet the worry remains how his father will react when he tells him he is homosexual. On Monday at 11.25 p.m., Arte serves up insights into intimate moments marked by liberation and disappointment and rejection with the touching documentary Coming Out.

Filmmaker Dennis Parrot has assembled documented outings of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals into a mosaic and shows in the film what feelings and fears are associated with them and how the recipients of their openness react. And above all, how great the desire is to meet with understanding and love from the other person, after the path to self-acceptance was often a rocky one.

Photo: Arte

Painful experiences

“Maybe you just haven’t found the right person yet?” Shayla’s mother asks her daughter, and Daniel’s mother says that he has made a choice, which he counters with the words: “You should know that this is not a choice. A little later, God comes into play and the boy is told that he will no longer be supported by his parents and must move out. In the end, we only see blurred images, hear screams and can guess that the mother is beating her son.

And Artem tells how hard it was to grow up in a homophobic society like Russia and what inner struggle he had to fight to reconcile his religion and homosexuality. Admirable struggles that should give courage!

You can see “Coming Out”, Monday, July 21, 23.25 hours, Arte, 21 June, 23.25 hours, on Arte (


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