David Bowie: never-before-seen photos published in new book

 Sukita: Eternity

Photograph copyright © Masayoshi Sukita

In 1972, David Bowie became Ziggy Stardust, an alien superstar with an enigmatic appeal. This was also the year that he would meet a man from Japan with a fondness for rock ‘n’ roll who would end up taking his photograph for the next 40 years.

From there, Sukita and Bowie would remain lifelong friends and collaborators. “Every time Bowie came to Japan, he called me and said, ‘I am here. Let’s do a photo session.’ Bowie always loved Eastern culture, and he loved Kyoto, the traditional town in Japan,” Sukita recalls in the book. “Since I was young, I have always been into Western culture, and Bowie was so into Eastern culture, so that’s the bond or relationship we had. It was because of the distance between us that we were able to go on collaborating for 40 years.”

Photograph copyright © Masayoshi Sukita

David Bowie had said about Sukita:

“It’s very difficult for me to accept that Sukita-san has been taking pictures of me since 1972, but that’s what’s actually happening. I suspect it happens because every time he asks me to stand for a shot, I discover in my mind the sweet, creative and generous man who always made these potentially tedious affairs so relaxed and painless. May it click into eternity.”

Photograph copyright © Masayoshi Sukita

The book also gives space to Sukita’s street photography. “Ever since I was young, I always wanted to take photos that would bear witness to what was happening in the world,” Sukita once said. And certainly, the monograph does an excellent job in showing how Sukita captured life over his long career. His artistic flair and signature style are unmistakable. Viewing his work as one flips through the pages, it’s easy to see why his work remains iconic.

Masayoshi Sukita

Sukita: Eternity is a full retrospective of Sukita’s greatest images including, early work, fashion photography, musician and celebrity portraits and his less well-known street and travel imagery. «Sukita: Eternity» was recently released by the publishing house ACC Art Books .



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