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GAY45 Consultancy Group is an international consulting practice, undertaking projects in a variety of areas.
We have five distinct departments with specialists on specific topics. Some of our specialists are from GenZ, other has 30 years of experience. Our success is based on appointing the right team for your specific needs.

▪ Consultancy for Political Groups and Parties.
The department's activity consists primarily of advising and assisting political campaigns. Our consultants sometimes act as political strategists, helping to deliver the proper messages to the LGBT+ community. We worked with political groups in European Parlament and local political groups in US and Africa.

▪ Consultancy for collectors of art, memorabilia and pop queer collectables.
Every department has its specialists. In the art and collectable, we have one of the most known curators and collectors in the queer area, Dr Răzvan Ion. Dr ion is also one of the founders of Queer Pop Museums. You can find more on his Wikipedia page.

▪ Consultancy for Advocacy Groups.
Motives for the action of the Advocacy Groups may be based on political or commercial positions. They play an important role in the development of political and social systems. Our consultants can help sharpen the target
public and achieve the goal in a shorter time within the LGBT+ community. We worked with human rights groups as well as corporate groups with a specific targeted interest.

▪ Consultancy for LGBT+ organizations and businesses.
We work for LGBT+ people's safety, equality and freedom. Start-up organizations need primary expertise to find their grounds. With our experience, we helped to form specific LGBT+ organizations dedicated to LGBT+ rights up to new business equal opportunities. Our expertise will shape the target and shorten the time for LGBT+ start-up businesses to gain profit and stabilise their activity. We worked in Europe, Asia and Africa.

▪ Consultancy for Journalists.
We form journalists who write quality stories, touch on important cultural and social subjects, and use multiple forms of dissemination: classical, but also digital platforms, social media, metaverse or use new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, for research. In this direction, we organized a journalism campus and we helped numerous young queer journalists to establish their businesses like a podcast, a journal, a blog or printed zines. As well we helped quality well-established newspapers to find the proper voice and discourse for the LGBT+ community and get them closer and understand their needs.

▪ Consultancy for lawyers, police and other law enforcement agencies.
In cases where the victim or perpetrator is part of the LGBT+ community, we helped law enforcement agencies and lawyers in many cases to understand how being LGBT+ can influence behaviour and it is crucial for their case. The advantage is we live in the community and in general, the psychotherapist and evaluators in law enforcement they know the community indirectly. We also can retrieve information from different levels not easy to access others. Remember, we do this to be sure LGBT+ people will be fully understood, and equally treated and their rights are respected. For no other reason.

Please contact us at [email protected] to ask for more details about our services.

We will set an online meeting to define the needs and offer you the best advice of our knowledge. After you decide we are what you will need we will meet in your office to have a clear perspective of your organization and the direction you are willing to pursue.

Our specialists travel anywhere around the world and speak many languages.

The travel, sustenance and accommodation for our specialists should be supported by the organization that engaged them.

* Confidentiality: A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) will be signed before any meeting takes place.
** The consultancy services are free of charge though a donation will be in order. The financial gain will be donated to a charity of our choice.


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