Bucharest the New Queer Capital of East Europe?


Apollo 111, Pose Party.

Budapest, once „the gay capital of East Europe“, disappeared from the gay map in 2010 when Viktor Orbán and his openly homophobic and anti-liberal national-conservative party took power and banned most of the gay rights movement.

Warsaw, where the first gay bar with a darkroom opened in the East, is now not particularly gay-friendly, and the country’s center-right government has recently spoken out against granting homosexuals legal rights and as a plus declared „gay free zones“.

Bucharest had its problems and not a few, and the mentality changed hardly, despite the fact that in Bucharest was printed the first gay publication in East.

Because of the pressure of not being gay openly in Romania, people developed a mixed alternative lifestyle. First was „gay-friendly “ events and clubs, then „straight-friendly“ and now in the alternative scene does not matter anymore.

The most interesting thing about Bucharest is the alternative places with hundreds of people attending the mixed „gay and friends“ parties, mainly having as initiator a university professor, Eugen Rădescu. So, not so exclusive gay, but mixed parties helped people to accept and embrace a lifestyle not so persistent in the rest of Europe. And what a flirty challenge a mix of people can be. Right?

Eugen Rădescu, initiator of many LGBT+ events.

Lil Paris Burning, Gaylloween, Gender Trouble, Dirty Disco – regular excellent parties -, along with Thor’s Hammer Bar, Q Club – gay bars -, Apollo 111 and Control Club (very exciting places for music and alternative concerts with weekly dedicated gay events), a very well attended Gay Pride with 10.000 people marching, a new sauna, an old organization Accept Romania whi organize the Bucharest pride and Gay45.eu (a magazine published in Vienna, but born in Bucharest 30 years ago, now editied by a well know artist Liviu Bulea), the life in Bucharest becomes gayer than anyone imagined years ago.

“We think that it’s only a matter of time until Bucharest evolves into an LGBT+ mecca of East Europe.”, says nomadicboys.com

And we have to mention from our experience, the boys and girls and trans in Bucharest are very beautiful and friendly. You know that Latino-Balkan look. Yes, Romanians are Latino.

11-12 February 2022, GAY45.eu will organize GAY DAYS BUCHAREST® under the coordination of Eugen Rădescu on the model of GAY DAYS VIENNA/BERLIN and the 3 days-long parties in alternative and gay bars & clubs announce a fantastic international event. Click on the GAY DAYS button on our website.

How to go to Bucharest

There is no real advice. Choose the company you like. Ryan flies from Vienna to Bucharest is 28-30€; from Berlin is 25-30€; from London is 30-35£.
We do not advise to use trains or buses.

Where to stay

We recommend Airbnb or MisterB&B (the gay version of Airbnb).

Small guide to gay Bucharest

Apollo 111 Club (alternative gay-friendly, host permanent gay events, best queer place) @apollo111.ro

Control Club (alternative gay-friendly, excellent place) @clubcontrol

Thor’s Hammer (gay bar) @thors.h

Q Club (gay club) @theqclub.ro

Soho Sauna (new sauna) @sohosaunabucuresti

Instagram references

@gay45.eu (magazine)

@dirtydiscoparty (event)

@lilparisisburning (event)

@aceptromania (LGBT+ organization)



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