Boys! Boys! Boys! Photography Competition

London’s Little Black Gallery has announced the winners of the “Boys! Boys! Boys! Photography Competition”.

The jury, consisting of curator Ghislain Pascal and photographers AdeY and Paul McDonald, chose Italian artist Alessandro Pollio as the overall winner. Second through fourth place went to Cuba Świetlik, Alexander Courtman and David-Simon Dayan.

The photographs are also available for viewing and purchase at through January 31, 2022. The website is a project of Little Black Gallery to promote gay and queer photography. The gallery now represents more than 67 photographers from 27 countries – including China, India, Iran, Poland, Russia and Turkey, where LGBTI rights are repressed.

All images courtesy Little Black Gallery.

The winner: Aurelio Perplesso © Alessandro Pollio

Second place: BALLERINO (IV) © David-Simon Dayan

Third place: Alexander Courtman in collaboration with Florian Noethe_CMYK

Fourth place: Jean Paul at Home © Kuba Świetlik

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