Best of Queer Cinema 2023

By Miruna Tiberiu


The time has come again to sit down and pick apart the state of queer cinema. Following yet another year which has seen the entry into the game of breath taking new talent as well as pleasant surprises from veterans of the film world, 2023 has cemented itself as the birth of a new era for queer cinema, and this is not said lightly. If the frustration we were faced with upon trying to condense this list to only five films says anything, it is that perhaps, as Managing Editor Miruna Tiberiu brought to light in her piece on Passages (2023), we are now left less with a ‘genre’ of queer cinema, and more with the entry of queer filmmakers and their films into the crème de la crème of the film world more widely. Hand-picked by the GAY45 Editorial Team, here are our five favourite LGBT+ films of 2023.


All of Us Strangers


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