Anyone, Anywhere: Nike’s first ever gender-neutral athletic wear line

Gender-neutral clothing, also referred to as unisex clothing or gender-neutral apparel, is designed to be suitable for people of all gender identities and expressions. This style of wardrobe defies established gender norms, enabling individuals to express themselves freely without feeling restricted by societal expectations. As more and more people seek to express themselves beyond the confines of traditional gender stereotypes, the demand for gender-neutral clothing has soared, and many brands have responded by creating their own lines of gender-neutral apparel.

Gender-neutral athletic wear is also growing in popularity, and Nike has recently announced a new collaboration with Romanian athlete, Sabrina Ionescu with whom they teamed up for launching the collection Sabrina 1.

The Nike Sabrina 1 collection

“Ionescu is the first women’s basketball player to deliver a unisex signature collection with NIKE, said Kerry Sobol, VP Global Women’s Team and Organized Sports. “We are thrilled she will lead the charge with us and continue to change the scope of the game for future generations.”

Nike’s newest collection is specifically designed for athletes like Ionescu, who need to make quick cuts, accelerate on both sides of the floor, and stay fresh in the fourth quarter. The shoe’s design was optimized by Nike designers to maximize comfort, support, and weight while maintaining agility. The shoe features full-length Nike React cushioning and a top-loaded Nike Zoom Air unit in the forefoot.

The collection is also inspired by Ionescu’s Romanian heritage, featuring intricately embroidered motifs that pay tribute to Romanian art and architecture. Additionally, the shoe’s design is enhanced by a dotted I that encircles the top and bottom soles, culminating in a dotted I on the heel, a nod to her surname.

Ionescu’s first signature fashion line focuses on gender-neutral performance and lifestyle pieces, available in adult sizes, such as sweatshirts, shirts, shorts, and cross-body bags. Notably, the collection includes the Nike Unicorn sock, the first Nike sock to utilize Dri-FIT ADV materials.

Moreover, the shoe has an “anyone, anywhere” element, which the company explains represents Ionescu’s unparalleled competitive spirit and her belief that anyone can be a dreamer.

Image via Nike

Image via Nike

Image via Nike

Image via Nike

Image via Nike

Image via Nike

The collection is announced to be released this summer on and at select retailers.


Reported by Ciprian Ciobanu

Ciprian Ciobanu is a Gen Z Editor for GAY45 and an MA student at the University of Timisoara, majoring in painting but working in a mixed media field. Ciprian is currently finishing his studies and working on the process of developing and reflecting on the relationship between art and the trends of a given time from music, fashion and popular stories.


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