An Intro to Queer Dirty Talk in 5 Easy Steps 

By Ajax Ammons

Initiating dirty talk can be difficult for the same reason that all communication can be difficult: it requires a certain amount of vulnerability to master. Then, even after mastering it, you’ll will need to adjust your approach based on your partner, their needs, and what you both want out of the experience. Because dirty talk in its simplest form is just that— acknowledging your wants and needs out loud. The more comfortable you become doing this, the more fluid your words will begin to sound. 

AI-generated image, courtesy of DeepAI.

Although dirty talk is somewhat universal, a few of the things you should consider with your queer partner include identity, gender-affirming language, and dysphoria. But don’t over complicate it! Ultimately, you should ask yourself and your partner(s) “what does everyone involved like and how can everyone be affirmed?”

Here are 5 suggestions to help you start filling that awkward silence!


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