A Possible “Functional Cure” for HIV

Erik McGregor/Getty Images

A biotech company is set to begin human trials on a groundbreaking new HIV treatment that could offer what they believe is a breakthrough cure for the virus.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave approval to Excision Biotherapeutics to use its innovative HIV treatment in Phase I/II human trials, according to a press release from the company. Excision Biotherapeutics specifically utilizes CRISPR gene-editing technology in its research against viruses. The Nobel Prize-winning technologyallows for the modification of human DNA and is considered revolutionary for its treatment of many diseases.

Excision’s HIV treatment, known as EBT-101, was developed in partnership with researchers at Temple University in Philadelphia and involves cutting out several pieces of the HIV genome, which the company believes will render it incapable of mutating inside the body.

“If you just make a single cut, the virus can mutate around it,” Excision CEO Daniel Dornbusch told Biopharma publication Fierce Biotech. “We make multiple cuts to deactivate the viral genome.”


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