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Germany. Politics. Europe’s Oldest Queer Housing Project “Tuntenhaus” is Saved

Berlin’s Pankow district will exercise its right of first refusal to purchase the “Tuntenhaus,” Berlin’s oldest queer housing project, located on Kastanienallee in Prenzlauer Berg. The Senate Department for Urban Development and the District Office announced the decision on Thursday after a potential buyer failed to sign an avoidance agreement, which would have prevented luxury renovations. Founded in 1990, the Tuntenhaus has been a vital part of Berlin’s queer community. The Edith Maryon Foundation, a public interest-oriented entity, will take over ownership instead, ensuring the project’s continuation. Pankow District Councillor Cornelius Bechtler emphasized the importance of preserving this space for diversity and protecting its 25 residential units from market-driven rent increases.

Worldwide. Journalism. Digital News Report 2024 shows that Global Journalism Faces Challenges amid Cost-of-Living Crisis

It’s big news in journalism when the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism releases its annual Digital News Report. This year’s edition was released on June 17. The new report highlights the critical need for accurate, independent journalism amid global challenges such as a cost-of-living crisis, ongoing European conflict, and climate instability. However, trust and engagement in many surveyed countries remain low. The report delves into selective news avoidance and public appetites for solutions, particularly focusing on financial information accessibility. It also examines how economic pressures have affected media subscriptions in the UK, US, and Germany. Social media trends reveal declining engagement with traditional platforms and a rise in video-led networks like TikTok, especially among younger generations. Despite growing fragmentation, reliance on these intermediaries persists, highlighting the evolving landscape of news consumption.

Germany. Politics. Berlin, the Biggest Pride in Europe, Celebrates 55 Years Since the Stonewall Uprising

Pride is being celebrated worldwide, marking 55 years since the 1969 Stonewall Uprisings in New York. This year’s theme for Berlin’s Christopher Street Day (CSD) is “Only Strong Together – For Democracy and Diversity.” Marcel Voges, board member of Berliner CSD e. V., highlighted the unifying role of CSD amid current political tensions, aiming to emphasise democracy and address threats from right-wing groups like the AfD and the new Turkish-German party DAVA. Mara Geri, also on the board, stressed the existential threat posed by the AfD to queer people. The 46th Berlin CSD begins on July 27 at 11:30 a.m. on Leipziger Straße. Pride Month in Berlin is celebrated in July.

Tanzania. Politics. Pride 2024 Cancelled Due to Unforeseen Circumstances

The organising team for Tanzania Pride 2024 has announced the cancellation of the highly anticipated event due to unforeseeable circumstances beyond their control. Originally planned for June 29, the celebration was set to include a unity march through Dar-es-Salaam followed by a beach party. Despite the setback, the $140,000 raised for the event will now support LGBTQ+ people who are currently imprisoned. The funds will provide essential supplies and compassionate support to those facing societal and systemic oppression. Homosexual acts remain illegal in Tanzania, punishable by up to 30 years in prison. The government’s harsh stance has led to numerous raids and arrests. The organising team reaffirms their commitment to the liberation of the queer community, emphasising the ongoing fight for respect and dignity for all.

USA. Politics. President Biden Pardons Thousands of Queer Veterans Convicted Under Military Law

President Joe Biden has pardoned thousands of U.S. veterans convicted under military laws banning gay sex and homosexuality, including during the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” era and the Lavender Scare. The proclamation allows LGBTQ+ service members to apply for a pardon certificate, providing clemency to those convicted under the Uniform Code of Military Justice Article 125 between 1951 and 2013. This enables veterans to amend their discharge status, access post-service benefits, and reapply to the military. “Today, I am righting a historic wrong by using my clemency authority to pardon many former service members who were convicted simply for being themselves,” Biden said, highlighting the injustices faced by LGBTQ+ military personnel.

Germany. Art. “Like a Whirlwind” Exhibition Explores Early 20th Century Gender Play

The exhibition “Like a Whirlwind” at f3 – freiraum für fotografie showcases the pioneering work of Marie Høeg and Bolette Berg, whose photographs were discovered in a box marked “private” in the 1970s. The exhibit highlights their Norwegian photo studio, a sanctuary for exploring gender roles in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A notable photograph depicts Høeg as a macho rower and Berg as an admirer, challenging traditional gender norms. Taken between 1895 and 1903, these 60 playful, black-and-white images are unique in their female perspective on cross-dressing and gender identity. Curator Katharina Mouratidi emphasizes their rarity as a comprehensive body of work by women. The exhibition, running until August 25 at the Museumportal Berlin, presents these historic images digitally for the first time in Germany. Managed by the Preus Museum, the photographs also reflect Høeg and Berg’s feminist activism, including their fight for women’s suffrage and creation of women-led organizations.


Spain. Politics. Police Seize Rainbow Flag from Compromís Councillors

Local police in Valencia confiscated a Pride flag from Compromís councillors attempting to hang it on the Town Hall balcony. This follows Mayor Maria José Catalá’s controversial refusal to display the flag, stating it was not done for “ALS day, Alzheimer’s day, or cancer day.” The incident, captured on video and widely circulated on social media, sparked backlash. Compromís spokesperson Papi Robles condemned the mayor’s stance, highlighting recent setbacks for the LGBTQ+ community under the current government. Robles emphasised Valencia’s history as a progressive city for LGBTQ+ rights, now threatened by right-wing policies. The opposition has called for urgent measures to protect diversity and inclusion in the city. Spain is one of the few countries where gay marriage rights were voted in by referendum.

Greece. EuroPride. Thousands Rally at EuroPride in Thessaloniki

Over 10,000 people joined the EuroPride demonstration in Thessaloniki on Saturday, celebrating with colourful balloons, flags, whistles, and drums. Participants marched through the Greek port city, dancing and singing, while holding signs with slogans like “Love makes family,” “Parents who are proud of their LGBT children,” and “One law is not enough.” Thessaloniki was selected to host the event due to Greece’s slow progress on LGBTQ+ rights. “Today we are sending a very important message: thanks to solidarity, we will succeed in all corners of Europe,” said Thessaloniki Pride spokesman Apostolis Karampairis. Despite recent reforms, including same-sex marriage and adoption rights, 23-year-old student Dimitris Stefanakis noted the need for broader societal acceptance of sexual identity.

Switzerland. Politics. Nonbinary and Bisexual Candidates Vie for Young Socialists Presidency

Juso Switzerland (the youth organisation of the Socialist Party) will elect a new president, with two candidates in the running: Jakub Walczak, 19, from Bern, and Mirjam Hostetmann, 24, from Obwalden. Walczak is nonbinary, and Hostetmann is bisexual, marking a significant representational milestone for queer individuals in the leadership contest. One thing’s for sure: the next party leader will not be a cis-het man. Outgoing president Nicola Siegrist highlighted that most active Juso members are queer, making the candidates representative of the organisation’s mainstream. Both Walczak and Hostetmann advocate for anti-capitalist policies and express dissatisfaction with the mother party, SP. They propose a more rebellious approach, including street protests and blockades against banks and the fossil fuel industry.

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