3 Sirs, 3 friends, 3 of the best actors of the Century

Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Patrick Stewart, and Sir Derek Jacobi. Friends from a lifetime. All of them in their early 80’s. 

Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Derek Jacobi

Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart in New York

Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Derek Jacobi as young’uns! In Cambridge.

Captain Picard, Magneto, Professor X, Gandalf, The Master, Hamlet, Richard III, Duke of Windsor all are characters we own to them.

Their friendship started way back in college time. There is not so much to say about their amazing career and support for the LGBT+ community. The kiss on the red carpet of McKellen and Stewart it is part of our history. Jacobi and McKellen were Grand Marshalls for New York Pride, and all of them participated loudly in gay rights support.

Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Derek Jacobi at Gay Pride

A super funny story characteristic for these people which remains boys at 80 years old. At the ceremony for the marriage of Stewart and his actual wife in Las Vegas, the master of ceremony was McKellen. After a while, they realized McKellen forgot to get a Nevada license so the marriage was not recognized. Of course, that was corrected after all.

Sir Ian McKellen kissing Sir Patrick Stewart on the red carpet

Search the stories about these 3 Knights and you will find more. Oh, and see the series Vicious.


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